Zack Scott Dildoporium





First Appearance

Episode 335 - Sex Shop



The Zack Scott Dildoporium is a sex shop in Scottland built by NinjaMarion. It is in his area along with Cake Cake Cake Bakery and Pink Velvet Gentlemen's Club.

Known Products

  • Toys: Sybian, The Golden Dragon, Dick of Ender, The Scottland Special, Mac's Big Black Cock, Redstone Vibrator
  • Lubricants (Potions): Speed, Strength, Weakness (Numbing), Slimeball, and Ghast Tear.
  • Adult Movies and Magazines.
  • Wool Comfortfit Sex Dolls: Pink (Caucasian), Brown (For those who like Chocolate in their life), Yellow (Asian), Blue (For those who love Avatar and Smurfs)
  • Whips and Leather Bondage Gear
  • The Flesh Box: Instructions
  1. Cut hole in bottom
  2. Insert dick
  3. Remove and then Repeat Step 2

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