ZackScott-Ashleysmash Relationship



Intimacy Level

Wife and Husband

Relationship Started

Before Episode 1 - Total Noob

Relationship Status


The relationship between ZackScott and Ashleysmash is also known as Zashley (Zack/Ashley). Their relationship began way before Zack started playing Minecraft. The two live together in Moore, Oklahoma.


[Needs mo' info]


  • They live together in Moore, Oklahoma.
  • They are good friends with EvilmacaroonGeoffrobroSwimmingBird941GriffanCrazykickasskateBrettcm82 and Theheartben.
  • According to Ashley, she wears the pants in their relationship.
  • She and Zack have no children, but she has voiced her strong dislike against public schooling. If they were to have kids, she says they would not attend public schools.
  • They have a dog named Izzy and two cats named Otto and Egon.

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