Zack's Outro Song has become well-known by many of his viewers. It has also been a recurring meme where at

Click on the thumbnail above to see the animated outro.

the end of Zack's videos, one of the other players of Scottland hums the song at the end of the videos.

The tune is in the key of F.

In Episode 186: Duck Hunt Timelapse Zack uses the full theme song in the background.

The full theme song was first played on the 'ZackScott' channel, advertising the new release of his 'ZackScottGames'.

The Outro song is also featured in Sam Seide's Zack Versus Spiders Game (LV 1 - 5)


  • At the end of the outro on the final note, it appears that Zack's right eye twitchs from right to left.

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