Werewolf Game 1

Minecraft - Episode 62 - Werewolf Game 141:18

Minecraft - Episode 62 - Werewolf Game 1

The first werewolf game was in Episode 62: "Werewolf Game 1". The werewolf village was built mainly by bNoid and Zack , along with some other members of Scottland. Stumbelz, ashleysmash, bNoid, MolotovMilkshake, and NescobarALopLop were assigned the roles of villagers. evilmacaroon was the werewolf. Zackscott was the judge.


The first person voted out was Ashley with the final votes of :

  • 4 Votes Ashley
  • 1 Vote Stumbelz
  • 1 Vote bNoid

Ashley was executed.

Over night, the werewolf, Mac, decided to kill MolotovMilkshake.

MolotovMilkshake was executed.

Afterwards the 4 remaining players, Mac, Rozz, Stumbelz, and Brock gathered in town hall again.

The second person officialy voted out was Brock with the final votes of:

  • 3 Votes Brock
  • 1 Vote Rozz.

Brock was executed.

Over night, the werewolf, Mac decided to kill Stumbelz.

This tied the number of werewolves and villagers 1-1. The game is over and the werewolf, Mac, wins.


Brock has a werewolf forum where you can play werewolf with other community members!

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