I know this Wiki hasn't been kept up-to-date lately, but I still appreciate all of the work you guys have put in. I'd love to see more pages!

One thing I'd like to point out is that I'm trying to get away from Scottland drama. Scottland is full of players with different ideas and styles, and sometimes people ultimately don't get along. Instead of trying to manage disputes myself, I've made Ashley, Mac, Adam, Samuel, Kate, Heartben, and Spintown mods. Here is how server membership now works:

New players are whitelisted if three members recommend them.

Members can only recommend their friends.

New players can be banned at anytime by any single mod.

Any new or banned players will become full members if over half of the mods vote to promote them.

New players automatically become full members after 60 days.

Full members will be banned if over half of the mods vote to ban them.

Basically, membership is now handled by others. Time and time again, I'd witness players do something that would forever change the way others treated them. Conflict would then escalate until it made me uncomfortable and depressed. It was emotionally draining. With my new system, I hope to prevent any future conflict from getting out of hand.

Anyway, other than that, things are still moving forward on Scottland, and we've gotten a few new members. Thanks everyone for watching and for keeping this wiki up-to-date!

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