Hello! I am a Fan of Zackscott! Like many of you...I am a Chatmod/Rollback at Regular Show wiki,a Chat Mod at bravest warriors wiki,and a chat mod at its anything but wiki!since I go to Wikia ALOT,I might as well have fun in this wiki also! My favorite players are #1 Tasmine because he is a fan of sailor moon like me.#2 evilmacaroon (is that how its spelled?) because she is HILAROUS and CRAZY. And #3 Crazykickasskate because I LOVE her british accent and is also hilarous! I am...AMAZING at color coding,making templates that can make you have Music play AUTOMATICALLY on your articles,make chat icon different like have a zackscott skin face instead of the goldstar,making the badges,and MUCH MORE so if you need help on that contact me!Well...I hope to have many friends here and I'M SO HAPPY that I found a ZackScott WIKI! I'm new (I sounded like jennzillahhhh LOL) so I hope that this wiki welcomes me!

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