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  • I was born on December 29
  • The bright cube

    Hello! I am a Fan of Zackscott! Like many of you...I am a Chatmod/Rollback at Regular Show wiki,a Chat Mod at bravest warriors wiki,and a chat mod at its anything but wiki!since I go to Wikia ALOT,I might as well have fun in this wiki also! My favorite players are #1 Tasmine because he is a fan of sailor moon like me.#2 evilmacaroon (is that how its spelled?) because she is HILAROUS and CRAZY. And #3 Crazykickasskate because I LOVE her british accent and is also hilarous! I am...AMAZING at color coding,making templates that can make you have Music play AUTOMATICALLY on your articles,make chat icon different like have a zackscott skin face instead of the goldstar,making the badges,and MUCH MORE so if you need help on that contact me!Well...…

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