Final Fantasy XIII-2. My opinion.


  • Most of the battle themes and the music
  • Improved battle mechanics
  • Plethora of sidequests
  • Monster system* - it's like a customizeable third party member.
  • Graphics are top-notch
  • Neat interactive cutscenes and quick-time events
  • Live trigger has some hilarious dialogue
  • Characters are more likeable
  • World feels more open, not "point A to point B" (although I didn't mind that in the first game)


  • Forced to use the monster system (Where's my human party members like Lightning or even Snow or Hope?)
  • Short main quest
  • Unfocused storyline (it's all over the place)
  • Lack of Sazh, Vanille and Fang
  • DLC ending yet to be released

Any thoughts?

If you have about a half-hour to kill, watch this guy's opinion on FFXIII-2 (favorable for 13-2, but I don't totally agree with his opinion on FF13). Link

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