Chapter two of the Scottland Factory. Chapter one is the one that says Scottland Factory Chapter 1 .I was going to end this as Zack dying, but I already made too many fan fictions (some are not on here) that has Zack die,so i changed the ending a little. Anyways enjoy!

Chapter 2 

Spintown screams in horror as the machine continues to twist his body.

"HELP!!!!" Spintown screams, Zack watches Spintown scream and have pain,Then Zack leaves the room.Spintown puts his head down, He stays still while his body gets twisted, he feels that his bones are about to crack. Meanwhile that happens, Zack is in a different room talking to himself. 

"This is the end for Spintown" He says with still a evil growl,He looks at the table in the middle of the room, he walks to the table, looks down at the pictures on it.

"And all of good times we had..." Zack says with sadness in his voice, he picks up a picture with him and Spin in it, Zack closes his eyes, feeling the pain of losing someone who he was close too as a friend, he open his eyes and slams the picture on the table and runs out of the room. Meanwhile, Spin still has his head down, remembering those times with Zack, And he trusted him, but it ended up as Zack with the secrets. Spin starts to show some tears, his grip to the machine feels like it starts to loosen, he wonders why it's loosening, he looks up to see Zack stopping the machine, Spin's eyes widened at the sight he saw, The machine puts Spin on the ground.

"RUN!" Zack said with terror in his eyes, Spin turned to see people heading towards him, he ran as fast as he could go, following, Zack ran after Spin and jumped off the steps to the floor below him and, using his cape he landed safely by Spin and continues to run.

"They'll going to close the gates on us if we don't run faster!" Zack said looking at the gate.Before the gate closed,Spin and Zack slid under the gate, the gate took Zack's cape off entirely. The workers on the other side of the gate growled.

"A prisoner is escaping! GET HIM!" A worker said, Zack picked up something with a button on it.

"You'll never have this prisoner!" Zack yells, he presses the button.

"Spin.. Run!" Zack said, they both run out of the door,the factory explodes and one of the blocks hit them, causing Spin to fall down and Zack to slide to the side of the cliff.Zack's eyes shrink in terror.

"HELP!" Zack says in terror, Spin gets up and runs to Zack trying to get him, but before he got close the part where Zack was holding on broke, Zack fell but gripped a another part of the cliff, Zack looks down to see how far down it is, Zack's eyes shrink even more at how far down it is,Zack tries to grip part of the cliff with his other hand, but he felt something grip onto his hand, He looked up and saw Spin trying to pull him up,the part Zack was hanging on broke, Zack look deeper into Spin's eyes and saw a flash. With his eyes shrinking again he let go from the grip an plunged into the deep. 

"ZACK!" Spin yelled, Zack plunged into the water, sinking down to the bottom, Zack remembered a saying that he has been told, "Water will destroy you" Zack tried to keep his head above water, but the turrent kept throwing him down,Meanwhile, Spin was running to the end of the cliff where he can jump in the river, he jumped in and swam towards Zack, Zack was sinking into the water cause of the loss of oxygen, Spin grabbed Zack and went back up to the surface.Zack finally got enough oxygen to help Spin fight the turrent, they find shore and swam to it, Zack lays on the ground panting mostly because he had less energy then Spin.

"Thanks for helping me" Zack said,panting.Zack closes his eyes and tries to breathe.

"Zack?" Spin said, Spin looked at Zack, Zack looked like he was going to die.Zack looks at spin.

"Don't worry, I won't die.... I hope" Zack says, Spin smiles as Zack responded, Spin sits next to Zack, he looks at Zack, then something goes into Spin's mind.

"Do i really like Zack as more than a friend?"

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