And this is chapter 1 of Scottland Factory Enjoy! :D

Chapter 1

"Did you really think that this was a normal factory?" A voice said in the darkness.

"W-Who are you? Say your name!" Spintown said.

" I already thought you knew it, remember the time we played ahem " The walls?" The voice said

Spintown got shocked from the way the voice said 'The walls', "No.... No.....NO! IT CAN'T BE!" Spintown yelled.

" It will and always..." The person stepped out of the shadows revealing the same jacket,shirt,and pants but this time, with a black cape.


" Oh... Did i?" Zack said with a evil grin on his face, having his eyes turn even more red by the second

" But.... why did you bring me here?!?" Spintown demanded.

" You'll see why. " Zack said still with the evil grin.The flame from the machine showed light so they can see a flash of their surroundings, Spintown looked up and saw chains, And he also saw his feet chained up.

" You know... I need to bring new people here... but how can i if there's too many people already? So that's when i thought of it. " Zack said

"But.... I thought that you don't want new people here" Spintown growled. Zack glared at him with his blood color eyes.

"Anyways that was ONE of the reasons why i made this factory." Zack hissed.

"ONE?!?" Spintown was confused, "How is there more then one reason?" Spintown thought.

" You probably didn't know this but Mac tried to kill me once, But little did she know that i can NEVER die. " Zack eyes glowed when he said 'Never'

"Never?" Spintown hesitated, he kept looking at the chains.

Zack ingored his question and moved on, " For revenge i killed her, and when i felt that "insanity" go through me, That's when i thought of this place" Zack continued " No time left, IT must be done" Zack pulls the lever and Spintown body starts to twist 

"AHHHHH" Spintown screams in agony.

"Goodbye, Spintown" Zack had a evil grin on his face once again.

Hoped you enjoyed it! 

Scottland Factory

Pony picture version of the fan fiction.

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