Omen Of The Stars

"Zack!....WAIT!!!" Before Ashley could stop him, he jumps on the rock which activated the Omen powers.

"We Are The Omen Of The Stars" Zack said, looking at the sky, when Ashley and Mac finally got to point where Zack stand, power flashes through them, causing them to glow. Animal spirits appear above them, Zack with a eagle, Mac with a lion, and Ashley with a wolf. The light flashes through all of the sever, everyone else on it looking at where the glow is coming from.

"Where's that glowing light coming from?!?! It's distracting me!!!" Spintown growled,he jumped off the build he was doing and ran to where the light was, but as he tried to get closer to the light he got pushed back.He landed on his back when hitting the ground.The other members of the sever just stood and saw Spintown get thrown.The bright light dissappeared but three lights remained.In front of the members stood three people.One with a green glow and green eyes,one with a red glow and maroon eyes,and one with a blue glow with blue eyes. 

"The Omens have come" Said the one with the green glow.

"W-Who are you?" One of the members said.

"We are.... The Omen Of The Stars" The one with the blue light said,the lights dissappeared,revealing the people behind the light. The one with the green eyes was Zack, the one with the maroon eyes was Mac, and the one with the blue eyes was Ashley.The members speachless, just stood, finally Spintown spoke.

"Your the Omens?" Spintown said,confused.

" Yes, we are the Omens, the light of the stars and god." Mac said with her eyes glowing.

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