Hello! This is another fanfiction i made. And it's about the people on Scottland, but it's name isn't anywhere related to Scottland. I also based it off of "Warriors" book series, but since it's based on both of those things, I'll do the version with the Scottlanders name and not the original version which has cat names. Enjoy! Characters:

Mac: black she-cat with amber eyes (Macclaw)                                                                                                 Gd: gray,blond,light brown she-cat with three brown paws and one strange orange paw with icy blue eyes(Gravitydash)

Tyler: brown tabby tom with green eyes (Blazeclaw)                                                                                            Isabella: White she-cat with amber eyes (Snowheart)                                                                                        Zack: brown with flame shaped dark brown spots on his sides with icy blue eyes(Flamestar)                            Ashley: white she-cat with icy blue eyes (not deaf) (Whitestar)

The leader of the pack of dogs rushed to Mac and clawed her back leaving blood straining down her back. Mac pounced and bit the dog's back bone. The dog shaked her furiously off, making her fling into the air.The dog ran toward Mac and picked her up and started to rip her apart. When Mac thought all hope was lost, she heard something. " I will not let you ruin my clan!" A furious Brown cat with flame shaped dark brown spots said,running toward the dog and clawing it's muzzle, making it step back and fall into the george. But before the dog fell he grabbed the tail of the Brown cat and the cat lost grip of the cliff and fell into the george. "ZACK!" Mac said with wide eyes. Zack fell into the river and tried to keep his head up, but the force of the turrent kept pushing him down. A gray,blond,light brown,brown pawed, and orange pawed she-cat started running to the steep side of the george where she can jump in safely. The she-cat jumped from the george into the river. She tried to verse the turrent's force to get to Zack to save him, She got close to him and grabbed him by the scruff, almost drowing from extra weight the she-cat pushed herself with Zack to a shore. The she-cat let go of Zack when they got to a shore. Mac and two young warriors got to the place the she-cat got to. "Is he going to survive?" The White she-cat said,The gray,blond,light brown pawed,and orange pawed she-cat shaked her head. " Starclan told me our father will be going to Starclan any second now". The brown tom warrior said " How many lives does he have left though Gravitydash? (Gravitydash is not based on my youtube channel name)" , Gravitydash replied " This is his last life Blazeclaw" Zack started to open his eyes slowly but still running out of breath, he had a sad look on his face " Forgive me for the hard time i made you go through, plz forgive me" The three young warriors look down at the dying cat, Gravitydash said " We forgive you", the two other young warriors said the same thing. "Good" Zack said before closing his eyes, the yellow star on his forehead to tell that he was leader, had turned into a star with a dark brown outlined (this is my version when leaders go to starclan, the star on their forehead turns into a outline to say that they are with Starclan). The three young warriors and the deputy Mac and bowed their heads. (speeding up time) They return to Windclan with Zack in their hold,  a white she-cat approached them, She looked at Zack, " What happened to Zack? Is he alive?" The white she-cat answered. Mac slowly shook her head " Sorry Ashley but.... he's dead."  Ashley put down her head " Now I must control the clan by myself" she said stepping onto the highrock, "All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather under this highrock for a clan meeting" Everyone but kits and mothers in the nursey gathered, " We have sad news, our other leader Zack, just died in a battle to save our clan" Gasps of cats spreaded when they heard that Zack died, " Now the only leader left is me" Ashley continued, "B-but what if you die?" a blond she-cat kit said running into the crowd to get to the front of the crowd to be shown in the crowd of terrified cats. " Then Macclaw will be leader then if i die" All cats looked at the deputy, " we will bury Zack tomorrow, Oakflare, Duststorm you will be burrying him tomorrow" The cats both look at each other and then looked at the leader and nodded. Ashley gets off the highrock to tell that the meeting is over, all the cats return to their dens except the ones who wants to share tounges with Zack for the last time. Gravitydash padded back to the warrior's den to speak with her siblings, " Well it looks like the darkest hour of Windclan." 

Cool catt

This is what he probably looked like before Zack was dead,but with blue eyes.

Starclan Cat by kittygirlmew

This is what he probably looks like in Starclan

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