After a period of time instead of daily blogs i am going to put them in chunks and never post about the day i am currently in. My reasons for this is so that I can tell about the hole day just in case if I cant sleep or something and get into a fight and then resolve it. Ive literally seen someone who hated on me then we resolved the problem on the same day and never updated it. So I believe this system works better!

Day one

So my experience of day one can be explained in a few words. The good, The bad, And the ugly. What happened was that this one guy played pomme with a user named Ashley Scott and she said to expect in a new episode some one to say their pregnant. I didn't believe it, it's a long story so im going to sum it down into words. Page made, then deleted, page re made by me, page trolled, question answers, page trolled again, then deleted again. That's the story watered down to word's. All except getting into a troll fight with someone but we forgave each other and let mono's be mono's Also met a few Scottland player's so it was fun including Brett Kate and Zack himself and a little bit of mac... P.S. I am the one who put macs picture on the dick page. LOL :D Paperboy779 10:12, January 3, 2012 (UTC)

Day 2

Pretty boring, just edited page's. And I did add some cool things like peggypunkinjunks sister's page Even trolled the trolls!.Paperboy779 10:12, January 3, 2012 (UTC)

Day 3

This day was pretty interesting, I guess bein rank 4(Or originally 3) since Day one has it's perks! I was given admin powers! this means I can Kickban people in chat and Lock and delete pages in the forums! Cool.Paperboy779 10:12, January 3, 2012 (UTC)


Wow! Those days were crazy, Administrating a Baby Scott page trolling troll's page, and even getting Admin powers! well untill next time... ADMIN AWAY SHOOOO duhn dun dun dun duhn a duhn duuuhhn

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