My name is Eva but you can call me Eve.I'm 9 years old.I was always a fan of Mortal Kombat and I am still a fan.My favorite people in Scottland are Evilmacaroon,SwimmingBird241,Spintown,Brettcm82,NinjaMarion, PeterCoffin,LDshadowlady,Crazykickasskate, Twoface240,and Loganschill.My favorite video games are Mortal Kombat,Final Fantasy,Batman:Arkham City,Street Fighter,Soul Calibur,Saints Row,and GTA.My favorite bands are Three Days Grace,KISS,Abba,Bee Gees,Green Day,Bowling For Soup,Guns N Roses,My Chemical Romance, Gipsy Kings and AC/DC.My favorite singers are Eminem,Bruno Mars,Lady Gaga,Michael Jackson,Elvis Presley,Adele,Pink,Jay-Z,and Beyonce.My favorite actors are Bruce Lee,John Travolta,Julia Roberts,Richard Gere,Ralph Macchio,and Demi Lovato.My favorite movies are Pretty Women,10 thing I hate about you,Saturday Night Fever,The Karate Kid(not the remake),Enter the Dragon,The Godfather,Scarface,My Cousin Vinny,Top Gun,Home Alone,Charile and The Chocolate,and Alice in Wonderland.If you have any questions please comment and I will answer them.Love-Mortalkombatlover1992.

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