Doctor Who is like the BEST show ever invented. The doctor that is on right now is Matt Smith (11th). He is the cutest doctor ever. CUTE!!! His companion is I think still Amy and Rory or Clara O. Oswold...I most likely spelled that wrong but is yur a Whoian then you know what I mean. The best Who companions are Sarah jane Smith and K-9. Sarah Jane's actor died of FUCKY BITCHY CANCER!!! Cancer is all the bad words in the universe! I HATE IT! All my pets died of it EVERY SINGLE ONE! One at the age of 7. I HATE CANCER  SOOOOOO BAD! BITCHY CANCER! The weeping angel scare me a little they are all hissing and snarling.

"Don't blink...blink and your dead...don't turn your back...and DON'T BLINK...good luck!"

-10th Doctor (David Tennent)

The funniest enemey I know of in the show is the Daleks (Dall-x). The look like salt shakers with plungers (my friend told me this).








Doctor Who is WICKED AWESOME! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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