• Hi Candyman,

    I found a small basketball court in Scottland Episode 600 download and I can't remember the coordinates. I searched basketball on the wiki and found the Gooby and Dolan article, looked at the picture, and recognized the basketball court, and realized that was the court that I can't find. I looked on Swimmingbird's channel and Zack's channel but couldn't find a Gooby and Dolan video. So I was wondering if you knew where that basketball court was, since you created and contributed to the article. If you don't know that's fine.


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    • I don't know the coordinates of the basketball court on the map, but the video that featured Gooby and Dolan and those Space Jam aliens was Episode 610 of Zack's Minecraft series. Sorry I didn't reply to your message for nearly four years, I haven't logged into Wikia in a while.

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