First Appearance:

Episode 482 - Zombie Village Attack



Last Spotted on Scottland:


theheartben is a male player on Scottland. He was introduced in Episode 482. He has another Minecraft username, heartben. He has been included in many of Zack's videos, including multiple minecraft appearances on Skype, and playing Co-Op Left 4 Dead 2 with Zack, Adam, and Brett. He also solely carried his Scottland team to victory in an exciting match of Minecraft - The Walls. He also have his own Minecraft server called Heartland.

Heartben also recommended ZackScott to install the Disguisecraft command, a command that can disguise someone as any mob they want. ZackScott was proven to enjoy this command, as he would like to troll, and the viewers were very entertained and thank Heartben.


  • "Nyeh."
  • "God dang it, Doofus."

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