Swamp Shack
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First Appearance:

Episode 353 - Killer Dungeons



 George decided to build a Swamp Shack because his area is in a swamp biome.

Swamp Shack update

The Hillbilly Swamp Murderer

The swamp murderer lives in the swamp shack in George's area. Rumor has it that the Hillbilly uses his basement to chop up his victims, and hang them on his hooks. He also likes to impale people on the iron bars. The Hillbilly supposedly uses a hacksaw to dismember his victims and drain their blood for later consumption. The swamp murderer usually kills at night while no one expects it. Beware, rumors floating around say that George is, in fact, the very same Hillbilly.

Another rumour is GeneralLeeStudios aka Goodolboy2010.1 (banned and never made it to Scottland) is the Hillbilly's Accomplice.


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