First Appearance:

Episode 358 - Yellow Submarine


ZackScott and SwimmingBird941

The Submarines were created for the purpose of traveling between Scottland and Nova Scottia. One submarine is located at the Scottland Docks and the other at Nova Scottia's spawn.

Originally the Scottland-based submarine was made of gold and the Nova Scottia one was made of wood, but in order to fit in with the rustic feel of Nova Scottia (and so he wouldn't have to gather iron and gold in Nova), Zack decided to keep the wooden submarine in Nova Scottia and convert the gold one in Scottland to wood and cobblestone. He's matched the submarines all the way up to which way the trap door opens in both Scottland and Nova Scottia.

Players can use a sign in the the submarines to travel between Scottland and Nova Scottia. The submarine does not have an offical name yet, although names such as SUBscribe have been considered. Zack also refuses to name the submarine after a Subway sandwich.

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