Skydicks National Forest
A side view of Sky Dicks and one of its inhabitants.





First Appearance:

Episode 149 - Batman Costumes



Skydicks National Forest was created above the Scottland Welcome Center by MolotovMilkshake. It is the premier National Landmark in Scottland. </span>It consists of dirt blocks arranged in the outline of penises spewing white wool jizz. The trees and grass were added by NinjaMarion, and animals now frolick there. Moesboy made a postcard for Sky Dicks as part of his Scottland postcard series. The premier gay club Daddy Bear's Cabin is now adjacent to the forest.

Sky Dicks National Forest can be accessed in the Episode 300 Download by a risky parkour jump, or placing blocks (which is not advised in most National Forests) by the edge of Daddy Bear's Cabin side lot. It has a chest holding valuables on a block of wool-jizz.


Post card made by Moesboy

2012-01-04 11.45.04

View of Sky Dicks from below

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