Keaden and Casey


Keaden - Male / Casey - Female


Active and adorable

First Appearance:

Episode 426 - Youngest New Member

Shayded or Casey was first introduced as a two year old named Keaden in Episode 426. Shayded is the mother of Keaden.

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Untitled 121

Keaden has figured out how to blow things up01:00

Keaden has figured out how to blow things up.

Keaden mimicking Mac, and then Zack

Keaden, like every tyke superstar, has an affection for blowing things up with TNT. After viewing many Zack Scott videos, he noticed a pattern: following Mac blowing something up with TNT, Zack would tend to yell "MAC!" Keaden strives to be the best, and followed his example ten-fold.


  • Keaden is actually Mac's number 1 fan; subsequently, Mac is also his number 1 fan


  • "It's a white baby."
  • "HI ZACK!"
  • "HI ADAM!"
  • "Tallman!" (in response to who blew up spawn)
  • "Yeah!" (when blowing up spawn)

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