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In Episode 443, Zack revealed that the Scottland server, Nova Scottia server, and others now run Dynmap plugins. Dynmap allows anybody to see a real-time map of Scottland and the locations of players. You can see this map at

The current version of Dynmap is an in-browser map, like Google Maps, of your Minecraft world. It updates the map in realtime while you have your browser opened and shows the current players, regions. It also allows viewers of the map to chat from within their browser with players in-game, although Zack has disabled this on the Scottland Dynmap.


  • Configurable maps of different types
  • Configurable color-schemes.
  • Realtime players (with portraits) on map
  • Mark places that will show on the map.
  • Two-way chatting through web and Minecraft.
  • Time on map
  • Weather on map

Supported browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Internet explorer
  • Safari

Any older internet browsers may not work, if this is the case upgrade to the latest browser.

Dynmap also includes Add-ons which can be downloaded.

  • dynmap-mobs: Provides marker layer for real-time position of selected mobs on dynmap maps.
  • dynmap-residence: Successor to the 'regions' support for Residence in Dynmap, with live update of Residence changes
  • Dynmap-WorldGuard: Successor to the 'regions' support for WorldGuard in Dynmap, with live update of WorldGuard changes
  • Dynmap-Towny: Successor to the 'regions' support for Towny in Dynmap, with live update of Towny changes
  • Dynmap-Factions: Successor to the 'regions' support for Factions in Dynmap, with live update of Factions changes
  • Dynmap-CommandBook: Add support for showing /home and /warp locations defined using CommandBook.
  • Dynmap-Essentials: Add support for showing /home and /warp locations defined using Essentials.
  • Dynmap-GriefPrevention: Add support for showing Grief Protection claims
  • Dynmap2CraftIRC3: Integrate Dynmap's web chat with IRC via CraftIRC
  • Dynmap-SimpleClans: Integrate SimpleClans with Dynmap
  • Dynmap-HeroChat: Integrate HeroChat v5.5+ with Dynmap
  • Dynmap-PhysicalShop

Other Dynmap Pictures

Scottland dynmap yep

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