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Aerial view of Scottland.

Scottland is the Minecraft World founded by Zack Scott. All of the mass chaos and banter between Zack and his friends occurs here (and recently in Nova Scottia).

Ever since its conception in January 2011 (first featured on January 20, 2011 in Episode 4 - A Whole New World), it has massively expanded into what it is today. It consists of multiple sections, including, but not limited to, Scottland Welcome Center, Scott Mining Corporate Head Quarters, Ashley's Skull and Pagoda, Mac's Evil Lair and Seasonal Statues, Samland, Coffinshire, Spintown's Cobble Bitch and Pixel Art Museum, the Shadow Lands, the Skydicks National Forest, the Oklahomac State Fair, and many other amazing buildings and areas.

Most of Zack's videos are recorded in this world. Few, like adventures to other servers, and single-player episodes, are not. However, several recent owcase of Accidental Skrillex. The paths of Scottland begin in the central district near spawn. Outside of the Hotel and Welcome Center, all paths were directed from that point. It is interesting enough to know that many paths and land masses were contributed and created by many members of Scottland. The original building of the Welcome Center was a stuffed stoney mass were lava poured. The area was soon cleared for space for the Gay Bathhouse, The Hotel, and also Supertunnel accesses. The straight path out of spawn is actually elevated over water as if you dig underneath the main path, is water.


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  • Tobuscus - Toby Turner (TobyGames)
  • SSoHPKC - Seamus O'Doherty
  • The Minecraft Show (ppl.)

Scottland is a melting bot of butter, which is not a good analogie at all.