Peter's Buns is a Hamburger Shop built by Peter Coffin. It is located in Coffinshire. It was introduced in Episode 329
: Hamburger Shop. The menu item names are all made up by fans, who submitted them via Twitter communication.


The menu consists of four main categories, which are burgers, meals, drinks, and "others". Whats your favorite menu option? Vote HERE!


  • Black Anus Burgers
  • Cockmeat Sandwich
  • Fleshburger
  • Spicy Doublebun


  • PlayWithPeter Kid's Meal


  • Coff-A-Cola
  • Coff-ee
  • Dr. Peter


  • Goo Soup
  • Peter's Peters
  • Physical Change
  • Soylent Peter
    Inside of Burger Shop

    The Inside Of The Burger Shop.

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