MolotovMilkshake (aka Mol or Molly) is an inactive player on the Scottland server. She has not appeared on the server for quite some time, and is missed by many. One of her most well-known buildings is the cathedral where Mac and Rozz were going to get married. She is also the founder of the Skydicks National Forest, having created the dirt penises floating above the Scottland Welcome Center. NinjaMarion later made the dicks into a forest by adding trees.

In Episode 375 - Cemetery Update, she was put in the Scottland Cemetery with the cause of death listed as "pooped". Zack mentioned that she is welcome back at anytime and only put her in the cemetery because she has contributed a lot to Scottland and he wanted to honor her.


  • She is known for teaching various Scottland players a mining technique in which you search for key minerals, and dig around them in hope of finding better minerals. This technique was used by Zack, in the first episode of Verses Mode


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