Jedi Temple
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First Appearance:

Episode 328 - Jedi Temple



Crazykickasskate's Jedi Temple has been featured in a few episodes. It houses a multi-layered maze which is incomplete as of Episode 343. The maze currently has two floors - one of stone, and one of glass, and is entered by a pillar of water. Kate has mentioned that one level might be underwater, with small air pockets to survive.

The building above hosts four Jedi rooms: Padawan Level, Jedi Level, Master Level and the Meditation Room. Those who complete all levels of the maze reach Master level and those who complete 3 are Jedi level and those who complete only two remain Padawans.

Current Masters:- -

Current Jedi:- -

Current Padawans: Twoface240, ThePhantomMence, NinjaMarion, ZackScott, Evilmacaroon, tristenseide , Mmp2011 .

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