Izzy River Estates
2011-12-30 01.52.23





First Appearance

Episode 142 - Ashley's New Development



The Izzy River Estates were created by ashleysmash after finding a river (before the 1.8 update), and deciding to build houses there to sell to other players. This is where she honed her building skills. It was first shown in episode 178, then featured again in the skydiving episode (297), it was also shown again in Ashley's video multi #17. Rozz, George, Mac, and Anthony purchased houses there. Rozz's house has signs in the yard stating "Reposessed by the Bank of Scottland " since his departure. Currently there are four finished houses (the last called the Sexy Beach House), a lighthouse, a Super Tunnel subway station, one undeveloped foundation, and the beginnings of a Victorian mansion under construction.


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