Ghastbuster's Firehouse





First Appearance

Episode 323 - Raven



The Ghastbuster's Firehouse was created by Adam and featured in Episode 330 of Zack Scott's Minecraft series. Ashley, Mac, Brett, and Zack all had Ghastbuster skins for the Ghastbusters commercial that was posted on Adam's YouTube channel.

It was built to look like the Ghostbuster's firehouse. It consists of 3 main floors, a basement, and an accesible roof. There's a netherbrick fence pole that goes from the top floor of the tower to the ground floor. A ladder at the bottom stops you from taking damage.

It is important to note that Clark's old area used to take this spot, but Adam demolished it after Clark abandoned it.


  • "Ghastbusters" is a play on "Ghostbusters".
  • The Ghastbusters are rivals with the Power Rangers.
    1619373-ghast 1 large

    A typical ghast hunted by the Ghastbusters.

Ghast busters

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