The 400th Episode Download Scottland is the 400th episode of ZackScott's Minecraft series and the final episode of Season 2.
Minecraft - Episode 400 - Download Scottland17:09

Minecraft - Episode 400 - Download Scottland


Zack starts off the episode by a giant tower that says 400 on it and then starts pacing, he then asks everyone who is on the call where he should upload the map and Brett says "YouTube" but Zack corrects him and again asks where he should upload the map because Megaupload sadly is not around anymore.

After some talking about Megaupload Zack explains that they have a new member on the server, Lilkmo, (the one that blew up) who is Hippid's boyfriend and throughout the video he keeps killing him.

Zack teleports to John to which he shows off his Pirate ship which is past co-ordinate 7000.



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