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An artist's depiction of Dr. Park (drawn from description by Steven)

Dr. Park is Head of Laboratory Studies at the Scottland National Zoo . He and his team have made plenty of discoveries in their Creeper Research Center. Although he is in charge of the whole team, he still has problems with Steven , a member of his team who was stealing Dr. Park's sandwhiches. Dr. Park took revenge on him by locking him in a room in the Nether Depths.

Research by his Team

  • Infusing dogs with chocolate.
  • Testing the ramifacations of putting pussy on a pedestal.
  • Why Creepers blow up.
  • The effects of Cats on paintings.
  • Testing if a player will fly to read a sign.

Fun Facts

  • Dr. Park is a tri-county wiffleball understudy pitcher.
  • He bought himself two pairs of shoes (one for dancing and one for science) during BOGO at Payless.
  • His friend Robert romanced his mother away from his father.

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