Brock Wood





First Appearance

Episode 8 - Forest Fire!

bNoid (aka brockNoid) is one of the older members of Scottland. He is notable for the Scottland arena, which he started but didn't finish. There is also his YouTube Channel, where he creates videos based on the ThuggNoid and Scottland servers. He tries various games with Stumbelz and Jonathuggg, and visits fan servers with either of them or Zack. This series is known as Foreign Lands. Brock hates to teleport because he wants to play Minecraft legitimately.

Brock is known to be one of the creators of Werewolf, an entertaining game bought to Minecraft.

He built inside a mountain, but the project was cancelled and was the land was taken by ZackScott, and it turned into the Scottland Welcome Center.

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