Ashley Scott, Ashley





First Appearance

Episode 4: A Whole New World





ashleysmash (aka Ashley K. Scott) is an OP on the Scottland Server and is a Co-Founder of Scottland as well as Zack Scott's wife. She has many friends on the server, most notably Evilmacaroon & Jennzillahhhh. She has built many of the more creative, intricate things on the server, with Zack admitting that she is a way better builder than him. Her buildings include the Skull House, Pagoda, Clocktower, the Scottland Embassy, the 1500 Outposts, and the entire Izzy River Estates area. She is also responsible for most of the tunnels, stations and railways in Super Tunnel, and experimented extensively with minecart physics before the introduction of power rails. Soon after the reconstruction of her Treehouse, she began revamping spawn, adding windows and terraces for the hotel and a gay club, Daddy Bear's Cabin, drastically changing the exterior of the mountain.


Stalking Her

  • Ashley has a Youtube channel where she posts Minecraft videos, but has not uploaded in years.
  • Ashley has a dog named Izzy and two cats named Otto & Egon. They can be seen on the Zackscott's Pets Channel
  • Ashley is an artist and has made many of the player skins in Scottland.
  • She and Zack have no children, but she has voiced her strong dislike against public schooling. If they were to have kids, she says they would not attend public schools.

Skins by Ashley

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